Josef Warmeling, CEO bei axxcelerate.

Management services and sales strategies tailored to the needs of transport and logistics companies, OEMs, vehicle manufacturers, and suppliers!

Utilise axxcelerate‘s consulting expertise when it matters most: for interim management, restructuring, or crisis management. Whenever it is crucial to define strategic steps that will sustainably drive your company’s success, it is important to have a competent partner like axxcelerate by your side.

In addition to these on-demand consulting services, we also offer fixed partnership collaborations for transport and logistics companies, OEMs, vehicle manufacturers, and suppliers that will propel us forward together.

Exemplary Collaborations

CTV heralds a new era of bulk goods transportation on pallets – increased profitability, simplified handling, higher transport capacity, 100% sustainability, and improved load capacity utilisation.

With our CTV mindset, the underlying platform strategy, and the modular CTV construction kit system, we aim to develop a novel, innovative product. Our goal is to create an offering that not only impresses from an economic standpoint but also sets new standards in terms of efficiency and sustainability. This approach will introduce greater diversity, increased flexibility, and enhanced product quality into the standard services of transport and logistics companies.

CTV Trailer

Profitable and sustainable regrooving of your commercial vehicle tyres with Bear Cut extends tread life by up to 25% and reduces fuel consumption by up to 2 l/100km.

Regrooving can be automated with a high-tech system for all intended commercial vehicle tyres and various tread patterns. Machine operation is ergonomic and safe with software support, ensuring perfect and consistently accurate cutting results. Tyre regrooving with Bear Cut: efficient, safe, ergonomic, and cost-effective.

Tyre regrooving with Bear Machines.

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